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Zzap - Maze bonus levels!
Author: HS_Dave
- Posted on: 05/09/2017
Post Type: Blog Entry

I should probably stop saying "I'll start blogging more regularly" as despite best intentions I never quite manage it! If perhaps I do not mention it then when I DO post more regular it will be a pleasant surprise :) This is not a personal blog post today but a development one - but for those who care and know any of the reasons I become very busy sometimes please know that my mum is indeed home and now receiving a proper care package at home at last.

Zzap! Wait, where's Drop? Drop is coming I PROMISE! But the user response to our LD39 gamejam project Zzap was SO positive we just had to continue it and polish it up in preparation for a real release. As the talented Tommy Brett is willingly working alongside me on this still I really would be a fool not to prioritise it at this time. Overall it's good for everything, more games for everyone!

Today I have been working on a maze generator for Zzap. My idea is to have maze levels as bonus levels the player can discover and get lot's of good treats from. The algo is a simple backtracking generator but it has been really effective for what I've wanted to generate this time. These levels are full of extra points to collect and can be very valuable - but like all levels in Zzap they CAN kill you if you are not paying attention to the path you are building!

Procedural generation is a particular passion of mine so it's great whenever I get to work on stuff like this. In the past I've worked on generating continents for an overworld and dungeons for rogues - you'll see a lot more procedural content in various upcoming projects!