About Heavenly Software

Heavenly Software was started in 2010 by Dave Burford as a name to release his games under. Although the only "official" member at this time, Dave is often collaborating with other talent to produce high quality works. This includes Elin Bonderudtåjet (Art Dodeka/Duodecad & Drop) and Daniel Gooding (Music Duodecad & Drop).

Products & Philosophy

The focus at Heavenly Software is on high quality, polished games for various platforms. We have an interest in all types of games from small puzzlers to large epics - always with the same high level of polish regardless of the scope of the game.

We believe games can be used as a great (if not perfect) medium for telling stories, relating something personal and connecting with people from all walks of life. But most importantly we believe games should be FUN and indeed sometimes that is ALL a game should be.

In the past Dave has made software (such as accounting or stock tracking software) privately for business clients which is still being used today.


April 2011 - Neogaf awarded our title for XBLIG, Duodecad, with their monthly bronze award. Not a gold, but "every one of these is still either great, or has a really unique aspect to it that more than makes it worth trying."

Here is what they had to say about it:

"Duodecad is a card game. You place your cards on a 3x4 grid, then your opponent does, and if the number on the side of the card that he plays is higher than the adjacent number on your card, it's a point for him. Whoever has the most points when the grid is full, wins. There are tons of rules you can change, including trade rules that determine how many of your opponents cards you get when you win, to build a stronger and stronger deck. Online multiplayer, or play the (pretty good) AI. There's also loads of ways to upgrade the power of your cards, like placing them on special squares, etc. Rules like this are all customisable so play with or without 'em. If this was an XBLA title, it'd be as popular as UNO."