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Birthday Shenanigans
Author: HS_Dave
- Posted on: 22/06/2017
Post Type: Blog Entry
Hi all, just a quick update!

Drop Dimensions is finally nearing a beta phase! In fact a few people already have it and the process of squashing the unexpected bugs has begun. For example I really did not see "game crashes if ran on Norwegian computers" one coming ;) I'll do a proper update about Drop (hopefully with some shiny new screenshots/vids) soon.

In other news its my birthday this weekend! My lovely wife has managed to collude with some friends and family to provide me with a new core for my dev workstation so there will be a tiny bit of down time whilst I upgrade to a new Ryzen 1700 core and reconfigure the dev environment - pretty excited about it though! I will also be attending a 3 day LAN party this weekend as a birthday treat so I'm not sure what work will get done but.. worth it ;)

See you on the flip side!