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Loot Boxes!
Author: HS_Dave
- Posted on: 31/05/2017
Post Type: Blog Entry
It can be a challenge to find ways to add value to a game as conceptually simple as Drop Dimensions. On one hand you want to keep things simple, not bloat it out or spend too many dev hours on features that give back little and on the other hand you want to give your users everything you can.

One of the ways I've decided to add a little value to your play time in Drop Dimensions is with Loot Boxes. These are given freely to the player for completing certain daily (or weekly) challenges such as getting a score above some target amount. Then, when opened, they give back either in game currency of varying amounts or perhaps fully unlock a character or stage straight out. Got a duplicate? It gives you the in-game currency value of the item you got instead so you can buy something else from the in-game shop. The trick with designing this is trying to make sure the player feels like they are getting extra rewards as prizes rather than "you must earn loot boxes to progress". Until today loot boxes did not even exist in the game so I can assure you the game is designed to be played without them and is balanced in that way!

But it does open some interesting discussion about micro-transaction possibilities. It has been suggested to me that I allow people to purchase loot box packs for real life currency in app and it is again something to umm and ahh about. This game REALLY is NOT pay to win - rather it's play to win. Being able to purchase loot boxes will help you to collect all the unlockables faster it's true but that should give you no distinct advantage in game when it comes to the leaderboards etc. But I feel some people would see "in app purchases" and immediately make assumptions about what that means. Of course I want my apps to generate revenue and pay my bills etc but ultimately I want the players to feel valued and enjoy the experience.

Loot boxes are in! They are fun and free. I'm waiting on some real art to replace my programmer art for the boxes and interface but it's all there :) But should the player be able to purchase additional boxes for small in-app fees?

I'd say reply with your thoughts but I never got around to adding comments to my blog scripts :) However if you have an opinion on this why not drop me a line on twitter @HS_Dave and let me know what your opinion is!