* Cards!

77 unique cards of varying rarity to collect

* Configurable

Lots of game rules - some familiar and some brand new - enable or disable as you see fit

* Multiplayer

Battle friends locally or connect over Xbox LIVE with players around the world

* Fully 3D

Everything in beautiful 3D - the cards, the board, the cursor - everything.

Duodecad is the award winning CCG (collectible card game) for Xbox360 released through Xbox Live Indie Games.

Consistently highly rated, Duodecad was inspired by classic games like Triple Triad and along with it's new rules and format it brings something for all kinds of players to enjoy!

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Platform: Xbox 360 | Genre: Strategy/Board

"Very addictive and breathtakingly beautiful."

"I really love CCG style games. This one looks slick."

"(Duodecad) is a fun game and really well done."