* Pick up and Play

Perfect for short commutes or passing a quick minute!

* For all Players

The lowest difficulty can be enjoyed by children but the hardest will challenge even seasoned gamers!

* Cute OR Sinister - You Choose!

A quick tap in the options menu and the game style (both art and music) will change to suit your mood!

Drop is a fun pick-up-and-play title for Windows Phone 7+. Race your character down the level whilst the level scrolls against you - try not to get pushed off the top of the screen or it's game over!

The theme of the game can be configured between Chibi (or "Cute") and Sinister styles depending on your preference or mood. Whether your preference is racing over clouds as a fluffy pink ball with wings or perhaps fleeing over metal girders as an escaping man - the choice is yours!

The game is available from the Windows Phone marketplace right now as either a free, advert supported game or 79p for the full game with no adverts. Online leader boards are supported.

Due to new age rating requirements this app is temporarily absent from the WP store while being rated. The store link will be back soon!

| Buy it HERE!
Platform: Windows Phone 7, 8 & 10 | Genre: Arcade