* Cards!

A CCG isn't a CCG without cards - and we have plenty!

* Configurable

There is a large selection of game rules both familiar and new which you can enable or disable for each game as you see fit!

* Multiplayer

Multiple modes of multiplayer allow you to face off against your friends both online or locally!

* Trade

Whether facing off against AI or against friends online, you'll have the opportunity to win cards at the end of the round (depending on which trade rule is enabled!)

* Fully 3D

Everything in beautiful 3D - the cards, the board, the cursor - everything.

Duodecad was originally released on XBLIG and although it was very well received we felt there was a lot more we wanted to do with the game.

In steps Dodeka..

Dodeka is the ultimate Collectible Card Game (or CCG) for your computer. Drawing inspiration from loved classics like Triple Triad and other popular tabletop card games, Dodeka has been built off the popular Duodecad engine and designed as a customisable game for any level of CCG player!

Under Development
Platform: Windows | Genre: Strategy/Board